Writing : Change Your Life

Private Document
Private Document

Writing is an activity that makes me a big change in life. The history of life at all very impressive and positive habit, is to write. Writing makes me the person who always capture the moment of life, and makes me love the detail.

Writing is not just typing on laptop keys, typewriter or computer, but we also have to animate what we write. I started writing since I still was a student and my articles is posted in the local newspaper in the province of my country. In my big family, send something like non-fiction to newspaper is a strange thing and is never done by any family member. I dare to be strange, and as long as it is positive strangeness, I will continue to defend it.

With writing, I learned to organize well and structured language. Power increasingly sharp analysis, and grown up of idealism. Change this behavior I get just from writing. I worked as a volunteer, educate underprivileged children and disaster victims, and every time I go home, I write an experience that took place in the class.

Private Document
Private Document

And it’s very unique, and for me this is an opportunity that should not be wasted to get inspiration from what I write. Share knowledge and create history for future writing. I feel healthier, and wow! turned out to write it healthy!


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